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Since August 2021, housing prices in Grand Rapids have increased by 27.3%. With that type of increase, selling your house could be quite profitable. Once you put your house on the market, finding and buying your dream home can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s begin with the very important first step – Where would you like to live in West Michigan? If you’re like many people who are looking for a change but don’t know where to go, keep scrolling to learn more about a few of our favorite communities!

Some of our favorite neighborhoods in Greater Grand Rapids are:

  • Eastown
  • East Grand Rapids
  • Westside Grand
  • Creston
  • Rockford
  • Belknap Lookout
  • Holland


Let’s explore some of these neighborhoods together.


Eastown comes with its own flavor and style. This neighborhood reigns over the super-cool community scene, without batting an eye. Because it houses Aquinas College, Wolfgang’s and Wilcox Park, Eastown embodies the college-town feel within its borders. 

Collectively, living here would give you plenty of housing style options – from old school to modern, and even some really mindful homes. 

If you’re looking for an annual street fair and eclectic food scene, Eastown is definitely for you.

If you’re looking for a little more information on this fun part of Grand Rapids, click here to learn more!

East Grand Rapids

As written in Experience Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids is a “city four miles east of downtown Grand Rapids has been named one of America’s Top 10 “Best Places to Live for Suburbanites” and one of “10 Great Cities to Raise Your Kids.”

It boasts a wonderful variety of beautifully maintained homes, abundant parks and nature areas, a charming business district and a magnificent sports lake – all of which contribute to a sense of community that evokes days gone by.”

You are invited to learn more about East Grand Rapids by reading Experience Grand Rapids.

West Grand

Now that we’ve visited the east side of Grand Rapids, let’s travel to the west side.

The feeling of this neighborhood is much different from those on the east side. It embraces its diversity and history. West Grand truly welcomes everyone.

It hosts developmental firms, major breweries, and an amazing night life. The people are friendly and the housing style is vast. With this neighborhood being so close to shopping and orchards, you’re bound to find something fun for each member of your family.

There’s so much to explore in West Grand. Take a tour with us today by clicking here.

West Grand, Grand Rapids Michigan


Creston provides a balance of city meeting nature. Nestled on the north side of Grand Rapids, the Creston neighborhood boasts the largest greenspace with Grand Rapids offering a historic touch to this quaint neighborhood.

With over 27,000 residents, it’s the largest neighborhood in Grand Rapids. Creston offers a variety of parks, including Riverside Park, Huff Park, Aberdeen Park, and Briggs Park. There’s also plenty of dining, hair salons, home decor stores, and so much more in Creston.


This sweet little city is just 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. It’s filled with small-town charm and charisma.

The Rogue River winds around the back side of the nostalgic downtown area. There’s plenty of art, culture, family fun, eateries, and shopping in Rockford.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Rockford will win your heart over in no time. It’s a perfect place for your four-legged furry friend to hang out as well with The Rockford Dog Park. Even in the winter, Rockford is peaceful, calm and a delightful place to live and visit.


Belknap Lookout

The sunsets from Lookout Park are arguably some of the best views in Grand Rapids and of the Grand River.

Belknap is known for its diverse array of local eateries and its proximity to downtown. With a mix of old and new, you are sure to find classic favorites such as SpeakEZ lounge or a more modern hangout like Eastern Kille Distillery.  

Not to mention all the development happening in this neighborhood, it is truly on the come up! Belknap Lookout’s Neighborhood association has a passion for continuing the growth of the community.

Learn more about the mission and values of the Neighbors of Belknap Lookout.


Moving to another suburb, we couldn’t forget to mention a lakeshore community that has our heart. Holland is a little over 30 minutes from Grand Rapids and is home to a sprawling Downtown district, Hope College, the annual Tulip Festival, and many sandy beach destinations. 

One of our favorite beaches is Holland State Park. Enjoy a clean and active state park that offers camping, kayak and paddle board rentals, and a beautiful pier overlooking sunsets, sailboats, and a big lighthouse.

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