Family Opportunity Mortgage


Are your parents or disabled adult child looking to buy a new home? If they cannot finance the home by themselves, you might be able to help them!

Prepare to Sell Your Home


Have you been thinking of selling your home? Get top dollar for your home by doing these 6 things that our local experts recommend.

1031 Exchanges Explained

1031 Exchange Contract for West Michigan Real Estate Agent Being Executed and Investor receiving keys to their new investment

1031 Exchanges Explained Hey Fellow Investors! So you’re looking to learn a little bit more about 1031 Exchanges – awesome! Below is a quick overview. But first, you can also grab our 10-Page 1031 Exchange Guide with more in-depth information from the form below! So, what is a 1031 Exchange? A 1031 exchange is a […]

Major Attractions in Grand Rapids

Grand rapids michigan neighborhoods

Major Attractions in Grand Rapids Introducing you to some of the activities and accessories that make Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids. These staple pieces of GR are sure to impress the resident and visitor traveling to the Grand Rapids Region. Grand Rapids is easily one of our all time favorite places in the world, and the […]

Cabins for Sale in West Michigan

Cabins for sale in West Michigan

Cabins for Sale in West Michigan West Michigan is known for its natural beauty, unique landscapes, and enchanting summer getaways. As temperatures rise and the sun shines its golden rays over this great state, the appeal of owning your own cabin or cottage becomes truly irresistible. Whether nestled between a relaxing lake, hidden in a […]

Planning a West MI Wedding? We’ve got some local recommendations for ya!

Wedding season is approaching which means that we HAVE to talk about planning a wedding in West Michigan of course. We had to keep our list below centered around the Grand Rapids area specifically due to the popularity of wedding services in the surrounding West Michigan area. If we expanded our list to West Michigan […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Condo

condos in grand rapids

Condominiums are becoming a popular choice for homebuyers, and for good reason! Read our top 5 reasons why you should consider buying a condo.

Helping You Find Your Favorite West Michigan Community

West Michigan Communities

Communitites in West Michigan Helping You Find Your Favorite Community in West Michigan Since August 2021, housing prices in Grand Rapids have increased by 27.3%. With that type of increase, selling your house could be quite profitable. Once you put your house on the market, finding and buying your dream home can be challenging, but […]