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Modernistic: 800-609-1000

Use Code LOCAL to get $30 off two rooms of carpet cleaning, Use Code ELEMENT to get $75 off air duct cleaning

Chore-Pros: 813-203-8159

Junk King: 616-710-4007

Cleanz Home Cleaning: 616-213-4855

Peachy Clean: 616-477-1155

Spotless Property Wash: 616-389-5387

DeAlba’s Cleaning: 616-890-9768

Avink Electric: 616-291-9352

Blake Charon: 616-427-2563

Matt Boonstra: 616-204-6678

Flat River Electric: 616-207-2496

Built by Bianca: 616-558-4109

Flooring by Design: 616-426-2766

Eastern Floral: 616-949-2200

Bloom Flowers: 616-822-3130

Infinity Home Improvement: 616-224-1140

Rivertown Home Repair: 616-366-1303

Freshwater Builders: 616-741-0090

Dave Zimmerman: 616-262-6975

A.M. Works: 616-734-9025

Building Bridges: 616-224-7409

One Day Doors & Closets of West Michigan: 616-888-6738

Midwest Steel: 877-235-5210

Bluebird CFW: 888-411-2264

Top Home Improvement: 616-600-1159

Wausau Homes: 616-676-9961

Morris Builders, Inc: 616-874-6110

Montell Construction: 616-805-4966

PR Design Build – West Michigan General Contractor: 616-566-7715

Grand Home Inspections: 616-710-1796

INK Home Services: 616-848-9401

Acuity Home Inspections: Don Duffy 616-633-7708


Kent Chimney 616-949-7722

The Chimney Sweep 616-453-8400


Foundation Specialists 616-438-0551

iCOR Advantage: 616-327-4914

Insurit Agency: 616-271-6262

Goosehead: 616-438-9088

Rick Young Insurance: (248) 844-9110

Insurance Plan Administrators: 616-361-8989

Budget Plumbing: 616-988-5514

Van Der Kolk Plumbing: 616-218-2482

Nederveld Inc: 800-222-1868

Bell Title: 616-942-8955

ATA Title: 616-261-0700

First American Title: 1-800-854-3643

Transnation Title: 616-459-2100

Heritage Window Restoration: 616-446-3503

Country Window and Door in Allendale: 616-895-9130

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