Selling in West Michigan

Getting ready to sell?

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First, Congrats.

What an exciting adventure you’re about to go on!

I’m sure you’ve heard, we are in a stabilizing real estate market here in West Michigan.

It is still a great time to sell, but the hyper-appreciation that we’ve seen the last two years is beginning to slow for our region.

Our Locally-focused Agents use neighborhood level data and a robust marketing plan to suggest a list price that reflects the current market and make sure your listing gets in-front of as many potential buyers as possible.

Whether you are looking to move up, move out of the area, or downsize we would love to sit down to discuss your goals and what selling in this market looks like!

Want more information about selling in West Michigan?

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Learn more about:

  • Our local market
  • How to make your listing stand out
  • What to expect in the process
  • Closing costs and other moving fees
the ultimate guide to selling your home in west michigan

A few notes to get started:

  • Check out your mortgage statement for your most recent principal loan.


  • Start the process of decluttering. This one can take some time so give yourself grace and time to complete this.


  • Meet with an Agent early in your decision-making process – even if it isn’t for another 9 months.


  • Our Local Experts can give you information on what to expect in the market AND which updates will not have the return on investment you may be expecting.

Selling due to unforeseen circumstances:

Our agents understand that you may need to sell due to an unforeseen and potentially difficult circumstance.

If you need to sell due to divorce, death of a loved one, or if you are facing a financial hardship or foreclosure feel free to contact our office.

We are ready and able to guide you through your upcoming transaction without judgement

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