The Ultimate Grand Rapids Mocktail Guide

Have you heard of “Dry January”? If you haven’t it’s a campaign (and a popular trend) that takes place in January to quit alcohol for the betterment of your wellbeing. It’s essentially a one-month-long New Years resolution. The overall goal of the campaign is to encourage people to think about their alcohol consumption and give “Dry January” a go.

As a result, you may be seeing restaurants around town featuring non alcoholic cocktails (or “mocktails”) on their menus and if your tik tok feed is anything like my own you’ve been seeing glamorized mocktail recipes all month.


So of course we had to contribute to “Dry January” by composing a list of places you can get a mocktail in Grand Rapids!


And regardless of the month, if you don’t drink alcohol, these are all great options. And don’t ever let anyone convince you that a mocktail isn’t as cool as a cocktail! 😉

So without further or do, here’s our list of spots around town to order a mocktail!

Drip Drop Cocktail Bar

One Twenty Three Tavern

Kitchen 67

Maru Sushi

The Winchester

Bistro Bella Vita

Long Road Distillers

Blue Dog Tavern

Aaaannndd that's a wrap!

But! If you have any other favorite mocktail spots around the city, don’t hesitate to let us know and we will add them to our list! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about living local in West Michigan! 

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