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Get Rid Of That Old Fridge, Finally!!

Are you ready to toss that old basement or garage fridge, save money and benefit the environment? Let us point you to Consumers Energy’s Appliance Recycling Program! 


As a homeowner, there’s a good change you have appliances that are outdated, inefficient, or no longer in use. Let Consumer’s haul them off for you.


The process is simple: Consumers Energy will come to your home and pick up your old, working refrigerator, freezer, or window air conditioning unit for free. 

They will then recycle the unit in an environmentally responsible way, ensuring that harmful materials are disposed of properly.

And best of all, you’ll receive a $50 rebate for each unit recycled!


And there’s more!  By recycling your old appliances, you’re also helping to reduce carbon emissions and save valuable natural resources. 

According to Consumers Energy, recycling just one old, working fridge can save enough energy to power the average home for an entire month! And when you factor in the additional energy savings from recycling a window air conditioning unit or freezer, the impact is even greater.


So what are you waiting for? 

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