West Michigan Influencers
living local in West Michigan

living local in West Michigan

West Michigan Influencers

Did you know micro-influencers typically get more engagement and marketing performance metrics? Why might this be? Well, micro-influencers are more likely to have strong relationships with their followers. They respond quickly and frequently with personalized responses when their followers reach out. 

We can safely say we love supporting all influencers, especially the ones native to our community. It is similar to supporting local businesses right? — We’ve found so many great influencers right here in West Michigan that we think will want to follow. Lifestyle creators, food blogs, and so much more!

Looking to start your journey as an influencer?

It can be scary diving into the world of social media influencing… but we have a few tips and recommendations. 

  • Create a niche and find your target audience

This is where you decide what type of content you are going to feature. If you are a big foodie who loves trying new places to eat, try a food blog. All the fashionistas should consider doing a try-on haul or outfit of the day look.

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to brands

It never hurts to ask. Worse case they say no, and you move on to the next company. But you might be surprised how many brands are interested in working with you at some level.

  • Do what you love

If you are interested in working with a particular company, it is a good idea to grab their attention by going to their business. Follow it up by giving them a shoutout on social media and talking about your experience.

  • Video content is where it is at!

Videos are taking over the social media advertising landscape. Especially with the rise of TikTok, and Instagram pushing Reels. Use video when you can on Instagram, but be sure to include a mix of photos as well. As for TikTok, short or long-form videos can perform well, but the algorithm can be a bit more tricky.

—->  Learn more about the tips and tricks for the TikTok algorithm.

Get to Know the Influencers MORE!

Here is a full list of all the influencers and their social media pages!

Paige Comstock • Eating Disorder Recovery Coach |  @treadingwithpage

Liz 🍋 The Lemon Bowl® | @thelemonbowl


Kristin Jones, Blogger | @kristinjonesy

Tieka Knight, Blogger | @selectivepotential


Melanie | @blissandvigor


Chef Jenn Struik, MS, RD  | @jennywiththegoodeats


GWADUE | @gwadue_


Katie | @whatkatedfinds


Home Mom Garden Blog – Abby | @adventuresinabbyland


Paige Rochefort, Artist | @daydreamsbypaige


Grand Rapids Daily | @grandrapidsdaily


Hungry GR | @hungry_gr


Calli Salazar | @callmecalli


Farah Merhi | @farahjmerhi


DwellGR | @dwell_grandrapids


Samantha Ruth Photography | @samantharuthphotos 


Adrian Butler [ AB ] | @abisadrianbutler


Krista Camille 🌎✈️🍴🥾 | @ediblegrandrapids


Sincerely Ashley | @ashleywierenga


Dominique | Life + Style creator | @and_she_loved


“Internet Streets” Strategist | @currentlykherington


Midwest Charm with Anna | Blog | @anna_rittenhouse

Food + Fun for the Grand Rapids Girl | @grand.rapids.girl


Sarah and Leah | @twoscoopsofstyle


HANNAH | self-love + self-care | @hannahjenae


Abstract Artist // Paintings for Interior Designs | @chelseamichalart


Katie Marble | @kosmeticsbykatie

Chloe Vivian Mitchell | @chloemitchell 

Say Cheese GR, LLC 🧀 | @saycheesegr

Stephanie, Home Decor | @boxwoodfarmsllc

Emily Joyce | @emilyingrandrapids 

Hot Girls Walk Grand Rapids | @hotgirlswalkgr

Stephanie Tew | @realtor.stew (TikTok page)

Jean Stoffer | @jeanstofferdesign

Samantha Robbins | @samantharobbins.co

Valerie Oresko | @valerieoresko

Hailey | @itsanuphailbattle

BROOKE | BEAUTY CREATOR  | @brookewbeauty

katie shaye | @katie.shaye

Boozy Bri & Ken | @boozy_bloggers

jaime | west michigan | @jaimemichelle

 Alaina + Jen | @grcoffeeguide

Bianca | size 8 daily outfits | @biancafortneyy

Girls Guide of GR | @girlsguidegr

Arianna Kae | @ariannakae

Do you know any other influencers in the West Michigan area?

Please feel free to DM us on Instagram and send us their profile!

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