living local in West Michigan

living local in West Michigan

West Michigan Coffee Shops

Let’s talk coffee! Or tea… because we know some of you aren’t the biggest fans of a good ole’ cup of joe. Either way, I think we can all agree that coffee shop vibes are top-tier, no matter what you’re sipping on.

Whether you are there to quietly work/study or chat it up with a good friend, there are SOOO many shops to choose from in West Michigan. Check out which coffee shops are located in your favorite Grand Rapids neighborhoods or West Michigan suburbs by visiting the food + drink section! 

West Michigan Neighborhoods & Suburbs with the Most Coffee Shops


There are seriously so many great coffee shops to choose from in Creston

Sparrow's Coffee
Sparrow's Coffee ~ Creston

Cafe Mamo, Gaia House Cafe, and Sparrows are just to name a few. If you haven’t been to the new Sparrow’s location inside of Kingma’s Market yet you have to check it out! The patio space, convenient location, and overall aesthetic are impeccable. 

West Grand

West Grand is another Grand Rapids neighborhood with some of our absolute favorite coffee shops. 

Morning Ritual Coffee Bar
Morning Ritual Coffee Bar ~ West Grand

Morning Ritual is one of our all-time favorite coffee shops.  They’re known for their variety of seasonal drink specials and the stunning mural located inside. 

Next up is Roots Brew Shop. At Roots, you can enjoy a fresh cup OR tea alongside a delicious pastry, soup, or bagel. 

To conclude the list we have Ferris Coffee & Nut Co. Ferris has 4 locations in West Michigan. The West Grand location is actually their headquarters and offers indoor seating options as well as a retail section. 

Holland & Zeeland

While Holland is also a West Michigan lakeshore community, it is also one of the popular suburbs! It features darling shops such as Lemonjello’s and another Ferris Coffee location.

Holland’s neighboring town, Zeeland, is nestled between the lakeshore and the city. 3 coffee shops reside in Zeeland and they are La Creme, Triple Root, and Drip. 

la creme

Which Grand Rapids Coffee Shop is Your Favorite?

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