Restaurants With Gluten Free and Dietary Options in Grand Rapids (and Beyond)

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Grand Rapids has a wide variety of options for restaurants that cater to a gluten free, vegan, vegetarian diet, as well as other dietary needs. Keep scrolling for a list of some of our favorites in Grand Rapids and a little beyond the city!

Rise Authentic Baking is a totally gluten free bakery in Grand Rapids with a menu FULL of fantastic eats. They are known for their donuts and baked goods but you can also follow them on Instagram for updated on their seasonal food menus!

Terra is an Eastown eatery that is sure to wow your tastebuds. On their menu you will find things marked as gluten-free or dairy-free which is a huge help to those who need it!

Papa Chops Eatery is 100% gluten-free and is dedicated to serving the Grand Rapids area up some fantastic gluten-free food! Located on 28th St, this eatery has a menu full of burgers, wraps, sandwiches, munchies, and more that are totally gluten-free!

Noble is a breakfast and brunch restaurant in Wyoming that has plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options! This is the perfect place to get together over good food with a good friend, or two, or four, or six! 😉

This restaurant in Breton Village has a menu full of great options for those that are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and vegan! The menu is almost neverending with great food options!

Wealthy St and Hall St Bakery have dedicated gluten-free menus which are great for anyone looking for some good dietary options! These homey feeling cafes are sure to satisfy all your comfort food cravings!

Brewery Nyx is a super cool and trendy brewery, and good news , they serve up gluten-free beer! They are totally dedicated to their gluten-free customers and you won’t be disappointed by their beers!

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